A History of Jules Jurgensen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
posted by AKA-Watchman

watch-crystalJules Jurgensen is one of the world’s oldest watchmaking companies. Sometimes known as “the Jeweler’s Brand”, Jules Jurgensen was founded in 1740 in Denmark, with eventual ties to France and Switzerland. The company’s forward-thinking, innovative designs have earned more than 32 international awards and honors, such as being designated the official watchmakers of the Royal Navy. Jules and Urban Jurgensen, father and son founders of the company, were both knighted by the King of Denmark, granted appointment to the Danish royal court, and ultimately served as official watchmakers to the King. Recognition of the company’s exceptional products spread worldwide. The imperial crown logo has appeared on every Jules Jurgensen watch face since that time, and Jules Jurgensen watches have been presented by kings and presidents as honorable gifts to visiting dignitaries. On one more than one occasion, an American President has presented Jules Jurgensen watches to White House security staff, and President Franklin Roosevelt once bestowed one upon a doctor who assisted in saving his life.

Jules Jurgensen watches were produced until 1957, when manufacturing duties were outsourced elsewhere. The company was eventually sold to Morton Clayman in the 1970s, and he is still running it today. He ensures that Jules Jurgensen traditions, skills and history remain an honored component of the brand. Today, the company strives to bring the consumer quality products with creative designs at affordable prices. They currently produce about 400 different watch models and introduce new designs each year, ranging from the traditional to the very contemporary, working in several metals, diamonds, and many other varieties of precious stones to create a unique design, from watch crystal to the band.

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